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advantages and disadvantages of online communication

The development of internet has provided an easy and faster way for people to communicate each other, it has changed the world rapidly. First, the fast developed digital communication allows people to share and communicate with people from different areas, without boundary, there is no geographic limitation. Second, information is probably the biggest advantage internet is offering. The internet can provide huge amount of information, people can find almost any kinds of information from internet. At the same time, the search engine such as Google provides an easy way to user to find the information.

 However, a coin has two side, the disadvantages of digital communication are various. The online security is one of the biggest threats of digital communication, thousands of spy software, hacker are trying to enter user’s computer to get their privacy, although there are many software can help user to get away from these threats, however, a IT report has showed that the lost are caused by online security issues are 400 million per year. Second, the online communication may reduce the relationship between people. The online communication allows people communicate with people from internet, MSN and etc, if you have something want to tell your friend, just make a phone call, and people do not has to talk face by face. Therefore, people may rely too much as digital communication and ignore the traditional communication, because with the decreased chance of communicate face by face, the relationship between people may be affected. Third, online communication requires people at least has a computer that can access to internet, otherwise they can not use online communication, therefore, it does not working on the areas where can not access to internet.

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